The Administrative Assistant Advantage

This seminar brings out the best in executive and administrative assistants

Participants learn best practices for time, paperwork, priorities and much, much more.

Jean has worked with hundreds of assistants and herself has supported bosses in law, real estate, food service, finance, recruiting and construction. As a team leader and producer, Jean has also experienced life from the manager’s perspective. Expect a session with many “aha” moments where participants walk away a set of goals and the inspiration to achieve them.

Participants will:

  • Identify communication techniques that enhance productivity and decrease misunderstandings
  • Keep cool and collected, even on hectic days
  • Connect to strength, values and purpose
  • Discover the personality types of assistants and their bosses
  • “Style shift” to increase rapport and influence
  • Recognize and heal trouble spots in boss/assistant relationships
  • Practice how to present ideas with professional polish
  • Strategize how to deal with multiple bosses

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