Negotiation 101

This webinar is designed to take your negotiation skills to the next level. Created for both business-to-business and internal negotiators, this session will explore each negotiation phase from preparation through to closure and agreement. We’ll provide proven strategies and fresh ideas. Whether you’re dealing with contracts, purchase decisions, or another department within your company, honing your negotiations skills gives you a distinct advantage. Prepare to take notes and apply the concepts immediately. Negotiation skills can become a lifelong asset in all phases of your business and personal life. It takes a commitment to be an expert. Join us for what could be a career changing training session.

  • Assess the negotiation style of the other party and make agile adjustments
  • Expand your repertoire at every negotiation phase
  • Explore the importance of relationships in negotiations
  • Manage your emotions so they don’t hijack your outcomes
  • Identify concessions that are easy for you to give yet make a powerful difference to the other party
  • Find leverage when you realize you’re in a weak position

Who Will Benefit From This Webinar

C-Level Executives

Sales Professionals

Senior and Middle Managers

Business Owners

Presenter – Jean Franzblau

Jean Franzblau is a seminar leader and training consultant with over fourteen years of experience delivering high impact, high-energy programs. As a business owner, she has developed her own in-the-trenches negotiation methods and taught Advanced Negotiation for Oracle and U.S. Immigration among others. Jean presents internationally for industries including technology, manufacturing, law, government, healthcare, recruiting, hospitality, education, financial services, non-profit, and real estate. Her clients include Wells Fargo, Kaiser Permanente, United States Marine Corps and Stanford University. Jean received her B.A. with cum laude honors at UCLA in Communications and Business Administration. She continues to hone her craft with the Association for Talent Development and has served on that organization’s Los Angeles board. Her specialties include leadership and communication skills.

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