• Tribute to Terrence Wing

    On Thursday morning two weeks ago, I called my colleague and friend, Terrence, to congratulate him on his upcoming role as President of the local chapter of our training association. Just like Terrence he called me back right away. That afternoon, he was working out, collapsed and died.

    Here. Then not here.

    My mind couldn’t make sense of it. I called my mom and realized how lucky I was that she was there to pick up the phone and talk to me. It’s been a strange season and a sad time.

  • A “Tweet Transcript”

    Okay gentle blog readers. If you are like me, you have embraced blogging but not tweeting. Today I gave a presentation for ASTD-LA where tweeting became an intregral and interesting part. I will share it with you now so that together we can embrace this new tool.

    Colleague and fellow Board member, Terrence Wing, tweeted as a way to take notes. Basically, he was sharing his notes with all of his Twitter followers. And there were intelligent learning professionals out there who began to comment (tweet) in real time about the content of my presentation.

    Cristie Mullins from Evanston, Illinois virtually “joined us” and so did Donna Bailey  from Salt Lake City. The training began at 8:10am this morning. What follows is a portion of the Tweet Transcript.



    Facilitweeter: Terrence Wing (@TerrenceWing and @liquidlearn) www.liquidlearn.com

    8:35:08 am TerrenceWing: Semper gumby; Always be flexible – @jeanfranzblau at morning session on training tips #astdla

    8:37:07 am TerrenceWing: Tip – set the mood in the beginning of training @jeanfranzblau #astdla

    8:38:40 am TerrenceWing: 6 second rule – the trainer has 6 seconds to greet learner b4 opinions set in @jeanfranzblau #astdla

    8:42:39 am TerrenceWing: Tip: Adult learning: break every hour. YES!! @jeanfranzblau #astdla

    8:46:07 am TerrenceWing: Tip: set the rules and expectations early. Let learner contribute by setting rules too @jeanfranzblau #astdla

    8:57:11 am cdmullins: RT @TerrenceWing: Tip “Adult learning: break every hour. “#astdla – how many of you have tried this? My audiences prefer 2 hours

    8:58:35 am dmccraine: RT @cdmullins: RT @TerrenceWing: Tip “Adult learning: break every hour. “#astdla – 70-90 mins is my rule-of-thumb, or the glazed eyes!

    8:58:43 am cdmullins: RT @TerrenceWing: 6 seconds to greet learner b4 opinions set in #astdla – Tips about greetings? Diff btwn friendly / overbearing?

    9:00:01 am cdmullins: RT @TerrenceWing: Tip – set the mood in the begining of training @jeanfranzblau #astdla “How should we do this?”

    Thanks, Terrance. You were a terrific facilitweeter!