The Trainer on Retainer

The key to solving your training needs

The Trainer on Retainer Program allows you to have an ongoing training program at your company without the fuss and expense of hiring an in-house Training Manager. Let Jean present 45-90 minute Training Boosts for your team – you decide how often. There are over forty subjects to choose from. Build their skills in management and leadership, customer service, communication, innovationadministrative professional skills and more. Call Jean to get started at (310) 740-1312.

Print out this page and start selecting subjects that are relevant to your group or check out Jean’s “Suggested Tracks” page. And yes, Jean can custom design Training Boosts especially for your team.

Stress Management

  • Breathing to Relax (SM1)
  • Learning Optimism (SM2)
  • Overcoming Perfectionism (SM3)
  • Choosing Healthy Habits (SM4)

Time Management and Organization

  • Scheduling for Urgency and Importance (TM1)
  • Managing Interruptions (TM2)
  • Making the Best of Technology (TM3)
  • Handling Paper and Things (TM4)


  • Understanding Negotiation Styles (N1)
  • Identifying Negotiation Tactics (N2)
  • Preparing for Negotiation (N3)
  • Sealing the Deal (N4)

Running Meetings

  • Keeping Meetings Lean and Mean (RM1)
  • Tracking Accountability and Commitment (RM2)
  • Inspiring Innovation (RM3)

Diplomacy & Communication

  • Practicing Great Telephone Skills (DC1)
  • Handling Irate Customers/Clients (DC2)
  • Saying “No” with F.L.O.W. (DC3)
  • Working with Diverse Personalities (DC4)


  • Delegating Well (L1)
  • Inspiring Your Team (L2)
  • Giving Constructive Feedback (L3)
  • Disciplining Fairly (L4)


  • Playing Improvisational Games (C1)
  • Moving the Mind and Body (C2)
  • Using Rhythm, Voice and Sound (C3)
  • Storytelling (C4)
  • Writing Creatively (C5)
  • Enjoying Color (C6)

Financial Literacy

  • Tracking Your Finances (FL1)
  • Dealing with Debt (FL2)
  • Creating a Spending Plan (FL3)
  • Planning Ahead for Expenses (FL4)

Personal Development

  • Using Values as your Life GPS (PD1)
  • Strengthening Intuition (PD2)
  • Women’s Empowerment (PD3)
  • Body Image (PD4)

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